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1. The ProudBody pregnancy belly cast was left to dry for 10 months (even then I had to wipe some vaseline out) and then the edges were carefully trimmed with scissors. The sanding paper included with the kit was used to slightly smooth the surface. (Don't worry about any stray strings as they will be covered by the next step.)

2. Three coats of Gesso were applied and left to dry. Then the cast was painted (inside and out) with black acrylic paint. The Gesso also helps to strengthen the cast.

3. The design was painted free hand and the following colors were used: silver, gold, and blue metallic acrylic paint- white and purple flat acrylic paint. ( Any colors can be used.) Several coats were needed to ensure a rich color coverage.

4. The holes were made with a drill. (This was my husbands contribution!) (I recommend holding the cast up to you and holding it where you think the holes should go before drilling.)

5. When all the paint was dry, a clear glossy acrylic sealer was applied for the shiny finish. (A few coats 3-4 were needed.)

6. The silver (wire) ribbon was fed through the holes from the back and tied into a knot, then bow. (I recommend finding the right length before making the knot and hanging- it will greatly help positioning against the wall!)

7. I also put my son's name and the date the cast was made on the inside of the belly- I figured everything has his birth date on it- it would be nice to see the actual creation date!

Enjoy and good luck.

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