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1. After letting your belly cast completely dry (usually for at least 24 hours), sand lightly with the sanding screen included in our kit.

2. Apply one to two coats of Gesso (acrylic priming paint) depending on how smooth you would like your belly cast to be. Gesso is a product that you paint on to smooth out the ridges and prepare the surface for paint. You can find this product at any craft or home improvement store. Let dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

3. If you want an even smoother surface, apply one to two applications of spackle or joint compound. Use our sanding screen to lightly sand between coats.
4. Spray two coats of bronze paint onto the belly cast. Let dry completely between coats.
5. Spray one to two coats of shellac onto the dried cast for a shiny finish.
6. This is a much cheaper alternative to having your belly cast actually bronzed, which costs around $300.
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