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Belly Painting Information
What comes in your pregnancy belly painting kit?
  Our pregnancy belly painting kit includes:

1. 8-color professional FDA approved, water-based make-up palette (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow & green)
2. Belly Painting Brush
3. Belly Painting Sponge
4. Painting Tips & Design Ideas
5. Sheet of colorful temporary tattoos.
What types of paints are included in the kit?
  We selected to partner with SNAZAROO, one of the best face and body painting companies in the world, to manufacture our pregnancy belly painting kit. SNAZAROO manufactures its products using FDA compliant materials and processes that would provide FDA compliance (and their international counterparts). Their painting products are regulated as a cosmetic good and are just as safe (or more so) as something you would find at an upscale cosmetic counter. They do not use any materials in their products that could cause harm. They use no ingredients that do not meet cosmetic guidelines both in the United States and the European Community. They also avoid ingredients that can substantially increase the risk of allergic reaction, such as fragrances. You know if you are using SNAZAROO that every measure for safety has been made.

SNAZAROO have spent tens of thousands of dollars in safety testing our products. All of these tests have been done by FDA approved, independent labs both in the USA and in Europe. In routine inspections by the FDA and other international agencies, they have proven time and time again to comply with FDA and child safety guidelines.

Their factory and manufacturing procedures are also FDA compliant and have been inspected by appropriate federal staff. In addition, they keep FDA approved records to insure the safest manufacturing procedures.

Never use any paint on your body that does not specifically say it is FDA compliant and safe for use on your skin.

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