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Thank you for taking the time to read more about our products and some of the history of pregnancy art. As you'll read below, we have spent a lot of time researching and testing every product.  We believe that we have created not only the highest quality, but also the most beautifully packaged, pregnancy art products available on the market. Our pregnancy art henna kit was created by professional henna artists and we believe it is the finest-quality pregnancy henna kit available.
What is it?

A pregnancy belly cast is a plaster cast made of an expecting mom's beautiful pregnant form. Our pregnancy belly cast kit enables moms to create a lasting memory of their pregnancy in the privacy of mom's home in as little as 30 minutes. Photos and video can't capture an expecting mom's shape the way our pregnancy belly cast can. A pregnancy belly cast enables a mom to forever remember how she looked during her pregnancy and the special nine months she shared with her growing baby.

As one mom aptly put it, "It is a really cool way of capturing your pregnant body. You can show your child later that this is what mom look
ed like when you were inside!"

History of the Belly Cast
In the past, there have been many different ways that a mom could preserve the memory of her pregnancy. Some expecting moms took a lot of pictures to put into their baby's baby book. Others made videos to show to their babies when they were older. Making a pregnancy belly cast is a unique way to remember this special time in your life.

At what point in my pregnancy should I make one?

Making a belly cast is usually done 3-4 weeks before your due date, but you could also make multiple belly casts to capture the miraculous changes in your body throughout your pregnancy. Many couples enjoy making a belly cast or mask together, providing the father with a unique bonding opportunity with your baby. Photos only capture a flat 2-dimensional image, but a belly cast captures this exciting transformation in a full 3 dimensions! No matter when you decide to make it, you will treasure your belly cast forever.

Easy to Make?

This is the number one question we have been asked over our 10+ years in business. Making a belly cast using one of our kits is a simple project.
First of all, all of our kits are complete. You don't need to run to the store to buy anything else before making your cast.  We have done all of the tedious material gathering for you. All you need to provide is a pair of scissors and a pan to hold water.
There is no mixing of messy materials required and our directions are easy to follow. All you need to do is to take the rolls of belly casting material, cut them into strips, shorter strips for your torso area and longer strips for your belly area. After you generously apply our belly casting lubricant over the surface area you are going to cast, then you take one strip at a time and dip it very quickly in warm water. Place the wet belly casting strip on your skin and repeat in overlapping layers with the remaining strips. You will only need to sit still for about 10 minutes after the strips have been placed on your skin and then your belly cast will be dry enough to pull off.
The casting process takes only about 30 minutes from start to finish.


Once you remove your belly cast, please allow it to
dry completely before decorating it. Our DELUXE pregnancy belly cast kit contains everything needed to prepare your cast for decorating. It generally takes about one to two days for a belly cast to dry. You will know it is dry when it doesn't feel cool or damp to the touch anymore.

Belly Cast Decorating
After you make your pregnancy belly cast, you can leave it in its original form or you can paint it, apply sequins, mirror, tile, beads or any other decorations. You could even glaze it and use it as a fruit bowl or have it bronzed! Many moms hang it as a wall decoration in their bedroom or in their baby's nursery. Other moms wait until their babies are born and apply paint to their baby's hands and feet and put the prints on their cast. When your baby is old enough, you could even paint and hang it together. Your imagination is the limit!

Please visit our picture gallery page and tips page for hundreds of decorating ideas!
You can also purchase one of our decorating kits. They are available in BOLD, PASTEL or VINTAGE paint colors. Each decorating kit contains a colorful decorating sheet and the BOLD and PASTEL kits contain a color wheel to help you mix colors. Scroll down to read more about our belly cast DECORATING kits.

We offer two different pregnancy belly cast kits in our product line. Our DELUXE pregnancy belly cast kit contains the works! It not only contains everything needed to make a belly cast, but also all the materials needed to prepare a belly cast for decorating. Our BASIC pregnancy belly cast kit contains everything needed to make a basic belly cast but with no sacrifice in quality. It does not contain finishing materials to prepare a belly cast for decorating. 
After the kit comparison below, you can read about each product included in each kit in detail.

Comparison of Kit Contents
( = included, X = not included)
 Rolls of Premium Quality Belly Casting Material (each roll is 4 inches wide x 5 yards long)

(5 rolls)

(4 rolls)
 All-natural belly casting lubricant 

 Plastic drop cloth 

 Nitrile (non-latex) gloves 

(4 gloves)

(2 gloves)
 Easy instructions (in English, Spanish & French) 

 Sanding screen 


 Colorful Decorating Sheet showing hundreds of decorated belly casts 


 Belly Cast Finishing Sealant (Gesso) 


 Sponge brush to apply the sealant 


 Belly Cast Smoother (plaster casting powder) to smooth your belly cast


Premium Quality Plaster Casting Material
We provide four-inch wide by five-yard long premium-quality, extra-creamy casting material in each of our kits. All plaster casting rolls are not the same! Look at the comparison we made to the right.

The casting material we chose contains a fine cotton gauze and generous amounts of gypsum. When applied to mom's skin, it is creamy and able to capture all the fine details of a mom's expecting form. The combination of the fine gauze and generous amounts of gysum allows the caster to get an incredibly smooth finish during the casting itself. We chose quick setting material to minimize the amount of time mom needs to sit and wait for her cast to dry.

We tested both medical-grade casting material and artist's casting material in our testing process. We chose the artist's casting material over the medical-grade casting material because the artist's casting material makes a smoother cast due to the finer cotton gauze and moregenerous and creamier gypsum contained on the cotton gauze.

The medical-grade casting material uses a coarser gauze and there is not as much gypsum contained on the gauze. It also dries a more off-white color than the artist's casting material.

The casting material is made from 100% natural materials and is non-toxic and safe to use on mom's skin. There is no heat reaction when applied to mom's skin unlike bulk plaster of paris that can be purchased in a hobby or home improvement store.

We have received and reviewed all of the safety certifications obtained by the manufacturer regarding its use. The casting material conforms to the health requirements of ASTM-D4236 and requires no additional labeling as mandated by the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA).

Both rolls measure 4 inches wide x 5 yards long. However, OURS has much more plaster casting material embedded in the roll--this makes all the difference in the quality of a belly cast!
ALL of our kits contain the casting rolls shown on the left.

100% natural & no heat reaction!
All-Natural Belly Casting Lubricant
We've done a lot of research and testing on what lubricant to use in our kit to provide the best barrier between mom's skin and the casting material.  We tried it all! 

When we first tested lubricants for our kits, we considered Vaseline, generic petroleum jelly, unpetroleum jelly and oils.  We found that Vaseline provided the best barrier between mom's skin and our casting material and it is a trusted name in providing safe, high-quality skin-care products.  Since that time, we have tested lubricants like Udderly Smooth Udder Cream and Nivea as other kits came onto the market. We were not satisfied with the amount of barrier protection these other lubricants provide.

Several years ago, we started receiving requests from customers who wanted an all-natural lubricant and we listened!  Unable to find a product on the market that provided the same amount of barrier protection to mom's skin as Vaseline, we had a lubricant especially made just for us.

Our all-natural belly casting lubricant provides an excellent barrier between mom's skin and the casting material so the belly cast is easy to remove from mom's skin after it has dried. Plus, it is body and earth-friendly.

Our all-natural belly casting lubricant is made of all-natural ingredients: Beeswax, cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E.  It is easily washed from mom's skin once her belly cast has been removed or she can allow it absorb into her skin. It is so much easier to remove than messy Vaseline but it provides the same excellent barrier protection!

Plastic Drop Cloth
Making a pregnancy belly cast is great fun, but also is messy! We provide a 9 foot x 12 foot drop cloth to spread to keep the drips off your floor and to make clean up after the casting very simple.

Carbine Sanding Screen
Our DELUXE pregnancy belly cast kit and ORIGINAL pregnancy belly cast kit includes a sheet of medium grit carbine sanding screen. It is used to lightly sand your dried pregnancy belly cast to make a smoother surface if you desire.
Nitrile Gloves
More expensive than either latex or vinyl gloves, nitrile gloves are made from 100% soft nitrile polymer, eliminating any probability for allergic reaction to the natural rubber proteins found in latex gloves. Nitrile gloves have excellent tensile strength and durability compared to vinyl gloves. They also conform well with excellent elasticity compared to vinyl gloves.

Step-by-Step Easy Instructions
Making a pregnancy belly cast is a very simple craft. We provide easy and thorough instructions (including images) to guide you every step of the way. In about 30 minutes, you will create a perfect 3D memento of your beautiful pregnant form and a wonderful family heirloom. Our instructions are written in English, French and Spanish.

Colorful Decorating Sheet
Our DELUXE pregnancy belly cast kit contains a colorful decorating sheet containing hundreds of ideas for decorating your pregnancy belly cast.
You can now also purchase one or more of our belly cast DECORATING kits to paint your belly cast once you have made it and it has dried. Read below for details!
Belly Cast Finishing Sealant (Gesso)
Gesso is also called acrylic priming paint, a flexible liquid ground that seals, protects, and gives "tooth" to substrates. Not only does it seal a belly cast, but it also promotes paint adhesion. It is formulated to accept a wide variety of media on many commonly used painting surfaces. It comes ready-to-use, but can be mixed with water for thinner applications. It should be applied in thin layers. Although one coat of Belly Cast Finishing Sealant will provide good adhesion, it may sometimes leave pinholes or uncovered areas. It is recommended to apply two thin coats of Belly Cast Finishing Sealant to your belly cast.

Sponge Brush to apply the Belly Cast Finishing Sealant
We have found that sponge brushes work better than bristle brushes to apply our Belly Cast Finishing Sealant.

Belly Cast Smoother
Our belly cast smoother is a gypsum-based plaster of paris. It should only be mixed and applied to a finished and dried belly cast. Once applied, the surface of the belly cast will be incredibly smooth, like the picture shown above under the DELUXE pregnancy belly cast kit.

We have three pregnancy belly cast DECORATING kits to our product line. These kits contain everything you need (acrylic paints in three different color schemes, sponge painting brush, detail paint brushes, colorful decorating ideas sheet and color wheel) for you to transform your completed belly cast into a work of art. Your imagination is truly the only limit in using one or more of our decorating kits!
These acrylic painting kits are available in three different paint schemes: BOLD, PASTEL & VINTAGE.

Visit our Belly Cast DECORATING Kit page for more details regarding each of these kits and to view pictures using the colors in each of these kits.

Several from our picture gallery. Your imagination is truly the only limit!

Click here for our picture gallery to see HUNDREDs more!
 Click here for our tips page.

We've noticed over the past few years that more moms are painting their bellies during pregnancy.  The reason we developed our belly painting kit is that we learned of moms using either poster paints or acrylic or latex paints to decorate their bellies. These paints are not safe for use on skin and we wanted to provide a safe product for mom to use in exploring her creative side!

Our pregnancy belly painting kit includes:
 8-color professional FDA approved, water-based make-up palette (black, white, red, blue, orange, pink, yellow & green)
 Belly Painting Brush
Belly Painting Sponge
Painting Tips & Design Ideas
Sheet of c
olorful temporary tattoos

Paint Selection
We partner with SNAZAROO, one of the best face and body painting companies in the world, to manufacture our pregnancy belly painting kit. SNAZAROO manufactures its products using FDA compliant materials and processes that would provide FDA compliance (and their international counterparts). Their painting products are regulated as a cosmetic good and are just as safe (or more so) as something you would find at an upscale cosmetic counter. They do not use any materials in their products that could cause harm. Their factory and manufacturing procedures are also FDA compliant and have been inspected by appropriate federal staff. In addition, they keep FDA approved records to insure the safest manufacturing procedures. Never use any product on your body that does not specifically say it is FDA compliant and safe for use on your skin. They use no ingredients that do not meet cosmetic guidelines both in the United States and the European Community. They also avoid ingredients that can substantially increase the risk of allergic reaction, such as fragrances. You know if you are using SNAZAROO that every measure for safety has been made.

SNAZAROO has spent tens of thousands of dollars in safety testing our products. All of these tests have been done by FDA approved, independent labs both in the USA and in Europe. In routine inspections by the FDA and other international agencies, they have proven time and time again to comply with FDA and child safety guidelines.
Temporary belly tattoos
The set of nine belly tattoos included in the kit are made with FDA approved inks. Each tattoo has an approximate size of 2 inches.

Henna use is popular during pregnancy. It can be used during a blessingway ceremony. Having henna applied and having someone touch your pregnant belly, is very calming. The henna paste is cooling and can help relieve heat exhaustion and soothe hot skin. Henna brings something restful and joyous to the strenuous last trimester and helps women embrace this transformation. The kit we sell is the best we have found on the market. It was created by professional henna artists.

Our pregnancy art henna kit includes:
 Packaged in a clear, heavy duty, re-useable vinyl zippered pouch
 20 grams of fresh henna powder with sucrose (sugar) added. Super finely sifted and 100% natural, yields 3 ounces and produces over 75 beautiful stains.
 1.5 Drams 100% Pure Essential Bulgarian Lavender Oil pre measured to darken henna for the best results
 Jacquard Plastic Applicator Bottle
 Stainless Steel Jacquard Applicator Tip, size medium
 2 Glitter Poof bottles with 10 grams each of holographic pink and aquamarine glitter
 Mixing Sticks
 Sugar to keep the henna paste moist
 10 Alcohol Swabs to clean and prepare the skin for henna application
 Assortment of Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs and Toothpicks to aide in the application, touch ups, and sealing of henna designs
 Medical Tape to wrap the paste and hold it precisely in place for a perfect stain
 Complete Recipe and Instructions step by step, straight forward and easy to follow
 A Brief Introduction about Henna and Mehndi
 30+ Pattern Ideas to help you get started plus bonus designs created especially for pregnancy
 Carrot Bag to fill applicators

TUMMY TATTs are temporary tummy tattoos. They are easy to apply, last for days and look great! They are great for a day at the beach or a night out on the town if you are going to show a little belly!

We developed our baby-safe ink pads to help moms decorate their belly cast by putting baby's handprints or footprints on her cast.
The baby print ink pads can also be used to put baby's prints on other mementos.

Here are more places to visit on our web site.
Please click here to visit our picture gallery page for hundreds of ideas for decorating your completed belly cast.
Click here for our tips page for more information and tips about making your cast.
Finally, visit our help page for answers to more questions about making a belly cast.

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